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The School of Chemical Engineering and Technology (SCET) begins its life as the Department of Chemical Engineering in April 1984. In 1995, the School of Chemical Engineering was established with the development of various disciplines. In 1999, the department established the Department of Environmental Engineering and changed its name to the School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering. In 2004, the main body of the School merged with the School of Energy and Power Engineering. With the advancement of science and technology, economic and social development, especially the vigorous development of the energy and chemical industry, the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology (referred to as the School of Chemical Engineering) was established in 2012. The School of Chemical Engineering will focus on the economic and social development needs of the nation and the western region, especially the rapid development of the energy industry, and explore the path of talent cultivation and innovation in scientific research and new technology engineering in accordance with the high starting point, high level and international construction ideas.

The school has a strong faculty. Up to now, there are 98 faculty members, including 71 teachers, 10 full-time researchers, and 4 experimental technicians. There are 18 professors in the teaching team, 5 special researchers, 22 associate professors and 26 lecturers. Among them, there are 1 Minister of Education Chang Jiang Scholars, the National Outstanding Youth Fund winners and the ten thousand people plan leading talents, 2 of the national “Thousands of Young People” , 2 of the State Council Special Allowance Experts, and 5 of the “100 Talents Program” and the “Thousands of Young People” Scholars in Shaanxi Provinc, 1 of scientific and technological star in Shaanxi Province, 5 of "three Qin talents", 12 young talents in the university. Since 2012, the school has hired more than 30 well-known professors and enterprise e...

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