澳大利亚昆士兰大学Tony Howes副教授来访我院并做专题报告
2017-11-30 09:20  

应ag亚集团官方网站张早校教授和余云松副教授邀请,澳大利亚昆士兰大学Tony Howes副教授来访我院进行学术交流。

11月21日上午,Tony Howes副教授做了题为“Powder Stickiness Research at The University of Queensland and Publishing and Writing Strategies”的学术报告。首先,Tony Howes讲述了团队初期对喷雾干燥含糖果汁(将浓缩果汁制成果粉)的相关研究,阐述了蛋白质和其他添加剂对牛奶或其他产品干燥的影响机制。其次,Tony Howes先容了干燥特性实验模型以及不同实验设备对实验结果的影响,总结了他们团队的测量物质表面特性的新方法,该方法可以给蛋白质及表面活性剂的相关研究提供新思路。在报告的最后,Tony Howes对如何撰写学术论文、如何投稿先容了自己的经验和看法,并与在座的老师和同学进行了深入的讨论。

11月23日上午,Tony Howes副教授在教学主楼做了题为“Global Challenges in Chemical Engineering”的报告。在报告中,Tony Howes副教授结合他在昆士兰大学的工作科研经历,讲述了21世纪化学工程的发展对世界的巨大贡献,同时探讨了国外化学工程的发展方向。

在轻松的氛围中,师生踊跃提问,纷纷表达了自己对化工学科的新的理解和认识,并与Tony Howes副教授做了深入交流与探讨,报告取得圆满成功。

Tony Howes副教授概况:

Tony Howes graduated from UQ in 1983 with a degree in chemical engineering, and after 6 months working on a novel fluid bed retort system for oil shale went to Cambridge, UK, where he worked with Malcolm Mackley as his first PhD student on what is now the “Oscillating Baffled Reactor”. His dissertation was awarded the 1988 Danckwerts-Maxwell prize for best thesis in that year. A postdoctoral year at Brown University working on patterns in fluid data sets was followed by 3 ½ years in ICI’s Corporate Colloid Science Group, where he worked on theory and application of a novel atomiser.

Since 1993 Tony has been at The University of Queensland teaching, supervising and doing research. His work (largely in collaboration with Bhesh Bhandari in Food Science) on sticky droplet spray drying has been extensively published and cited – at present Bhandari and Howes papers are in the top-10 most cited in Drying Technology, Journal of Food Engineering and International Journal of Food Properties.

Tony has also worked on a variety of other particle problems, including solid state fermentation, regimes in rotating drums, yoghurt rheology, crystallisation, and prilling.

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