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2015-09-11 11:15  

科威特大学石油与机械工程ag网站亚游登录奥哈奇教授(Prof. Osamah Al-hawaj)应邀到访我校,并做关于海水淡化及新型能量回收装备设计的学术报告,欢迎各位老师和同学踊跃参加!

讲座题目:Recent technologies of desalination and pressure exchanger equipment




Many countries suffer from scarcity of potable water due to the lack of surface and underground water sources. To meet their needs, those countries resorted to desalination of seawater as the major source of potable water. Among the different technologies of desalination, sea water reverse osmosis SWRO proved to be one of the most efficient means of desalination. The reduction of energy consumption in SWRO plants is the driving force behind the development of energy recovery devices ERD technology.

This presentation reviews the state of the art of hydraulic ERD including turbine and pressure exchanger. In spite of the significant improvement in efficiency, ERD can still be benefit from new technology that achieve comparable efficiency while improving in cost of manufacturing, compactness, simplicity, and flexibility of operation. For this purpose two concepts of ERD are introduced and discussed, the sliding ball rotary work exchanger, SBWE, and the sliding vane work exchanger, SVWE. Two versions of SVWE, namely dual vane and quad vane types are presented and discussed including some results of simplified theoretical modeling.

All teachers and students who are interested at this area are highly welcome to share the ideas and inspirations on Monday.


Bio. Education

1976  Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering   University of Michigan ( Ann Arbor ), USA  

1976  Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering   University of Michigan ( Ann Arbor ), USA

1979  Master of Mechanical Engineering     University of Michigan ( Ann Arbor ), USA

1986  Doctor of Mechanical Engineering    Arizona State University , USA

Prof. Osamah Al-hawaj currently works in the College of Engineering and Petroleum of Kuwait University. Also he is a member of College Council, and chairman of International conference of Energy.


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