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扬帆项目YangFan Program

Overall Purpose:

YANGFAN Program is a special international assignment program of Air Liquide for Chinese Fresh Graduates with Master Degree in the top universities worldwide. The program prepares the best new talent for accelerated advancement into management or technical positions. With an initial nine to eighteen months in China and eighteen to twenty-four months oversea, the candidates are challenged to quickly adapt to a different culture, learn the business and generate results. At the end of assignment, the candidates will be ideally positioned to pursue new opportunities within Air Liquide (Hangzhou).


Master degree, majored in Cryogenic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Automation, Chemical Machinery Engineering and so on;

Excellent English.

Regular Positions:




Air LiquideGlobal E&C SolutionsHangzhou Center



Air LiquideGlobal E&C SolutionsHangzhouCo., a corecenterof theGlobalE&CSolutionsof Air Liquide Group. The Companyis specialized inengineering, manufacturing and constructionof gas separation and purification facilities for the production ofoxygen, nitrogen, argon and other specialty gases, as well as for the recovery of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.Possessing state-of-the-art patented technology, strong manufacturing capacities and advanced facilities, theCompany is able to design and manufacture air separationplantswith oxygen production capacity up to150,000Nm3/h.

Relying on the Group’s international resources, local advantages, and strong involvements in the past years, AirLiquide Hangzhou has become the key partner for a growing number of corporations which are active in themetals, chemicals, petrochemicals, coal-to-chemicals, energy conversion markets and more.

Air Liquide Hangzhou is the leader in industry of air separation units in China, and is present both in domesticand overseas markets with 800 employees. Since the establishment in 1995, the Company continuously strivesand innovates to enable progress, to achieve dynamic growth and a consistent performance. As a member of AirLiquide Group, the Company shares the values of the Group, and persists in sustainable development strategy tocreate values for its customers and employees over the long term.




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