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企业概况:空气产品企业(Air Products,纽约证券交易所代码:APD)是一家世界领先的工业气体企业,位列美国财富500强。工业气体是企业的核心业务,提供空分和工艺气体、以及相关的设备,主要为炼油石化、金属、电子和食品饮料等制造产业服务。空气产品企业也是一家全球领先的液化天然气工艺技术和设备供应商。在安全方面,空气产品企业是业内安全纪录最好的企业之一。








面向对象: 2020年毕业的研究生。



工作职责 Key responsibility

1. The CDP is the training and development program that prepares young graduates for roles as future managers in commercial, marketing, assets management or operation area. The program provides the opportunity for these new employees to gain diverse work experience and to learn the Air Products business, products, technologies and culture.

2. The CDP will fulfill three assignments, each lasts about 3 to 4 months in different functions or groups of Air Products within Central & West China. The assignments would be a role in marketing, commercial, asset or operation management as designated by the hiring department.

3. For each assignment, the specific learning, project-related objectives and job description will be provided.

4. The CDP is encouraged to seek advice, coaching and support from their colleagues, supervisors and mentors.

5. After the three assignments finished, each CDP will settle in a permanent position as designated by the hiring department in all cases the talents and the interest of the CDP will be considered when determining the best position.

岗位要求 Key requirement

1. Full time Master in management, engineering, etc. or MBA fresh graduates with outstanding inter-personal effectiveness and communication skills

2. Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills either through the candidate’s area of study or their previous work experience.

3. Ability to create/run excel spreadsheets, and power point slide presentations to communicate business projects supporting the growth of industrial gases for AP China

4. Excellent English skills both in written and oral; Open, proactive, ability to work effectively in teams and keen to learning.

企业联系人: Zhao Eva

联系电话:029-8822 1962


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