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2013-07-15 18:59  
??????? 应ag亚集团官方网站邀请,澳大利亚Victoria University的 Prof. Stephen Gray和 Prof. Mikel Duke等来我院访问交流并做学术报告,报告时间是7月19日下午3:30,地点是化工楼228会议室。欢迎各位老师、研究生和本科生踊跃参加。
??????? 报告题目:Membrane research at Victoria University
??????? 主讲人:Professor Stephen Gray
??????? 概况:Prof. Gray is the Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation at Victoria University which provides industry and community solutions in water treatment technology,?resource management, asset management, social and behavioural research, environment, e-research, smart energy, alternative energy and packaging. He has a long standing interest in organic fouling of low pressure membranes, having identified non-humic components as significant membrane foulants, the significant role of interactions amongst organic components in membrane fouling and laboratory based experimental techniques that better simulate commercial operations. His research interests also include desalination processes, membrane distillation, distributed treatment systems and contaminant modelling.? He is an editor of the IWA journal Water Reuse and Desalination, an associate editor of Water Research and on the editorial board of Desalination.
??????? 报告题目:Ceramic membranes and Membrane distillation
??????? 主讲人:Associate Professor Mikel Duke
??????? 概况:Associate Professor Duke is a Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation at Victoria University. He is focused on the development and implementation of innovative membrane technologies for water, foods and energy applications. His specialisation is in the fundamental development of inorganic materials such as nanotubes, silica, titania, zeolites and polymer composites. His research focuses on membrane distillation, ceramic membranes and sensors applied in water recycling, desalination, foods processing and gas separation. His research is sponsored by funding agencies including the Australian Research Council and the Smartwater Fund as well as several industry clients. He has published more than 100 peer reviewed articles on his research.
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