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2013-05-27 19:56  
??????? 应ag亚集团官方网站邀请,美国Wayne State University的 Prof. Charles Manke和 Prof. Yinlun Huang将于5月31日~6月2日期间访问我院,并为我院师生做题为“Engineering sustanability: chanlleges and opportunities"的报告,时间是5月31日下午4:30,地点是化工楼228会议室。欢迎各位老师,研究生和本科生踊跃参加。
Prof. Yinlun Huang
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
The quest for engineering sustainability reflects a crucial paradigm shift in the 21st century, i.e., from the traditional techno-economic paradigm to triple-bottom-lines-based sustainable system design, manufacturing, and management at various length-time scales. However, sustainability is an extremely complex area of research and practice in terms of scope, contents, and spatial/temporal aspects, and sustainability science is far from exact today. Sustainable development needs not only evaluation of the status quo, but also prediction and strategic decision-making for the future, all under the situation of information uncertainty and insufficient knowledge. Thus, how to characterize, analyze, design, and restructure systems, from the material-product-process level to the large-scale industrial system level, in the context of sustainability, is a new research frontier in engineering that needs much exploration.
In this seminar, the challenges and research frontiers in engineering sustainability will be discussed first. Then, a material-product-process-integrated multi-scale sustainability development methodology will be introduced, which is developed by resorting to basic sustainability science, multiscale complex systems theory, uncertainty theory, and control science. The methodology is capable of performing hierarchical system modeling, comprehensive sustainability analysis, and multiscale decision making under uncertainty. The methodological efficacy will be demonstrated by various studies, ranging from sustainable design of nanomaterial and manufacturing, to profitable pollution prevention in surface coating systems, and to strategic planning for sustainable manufacturing of large-scale biodiesel and coal-biomass-based transportation fuel. Finally, an NSF funded academic-industrial collaboration involving eight countries on sustainable manufacturing research, education, and technology development will be highlighted and future directions will be discussed.
Short Bio: Dr. Yinlun Huang is Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Charles Gershenson Distinguished Faculty Fellow at Wayne State University. His main research areas include multiscale complex systems science, engineering sustainability, and integrated material, product and process systems engineering. He has published widely in these areas, and has delivered numerous invited speeches in universities, national labs, and industries and plenary/keynote speeches at national and international conferences. Among numerous honors, he was a recipient of the AIChE Research Excellence in Sustainable Engineering Award in 2010, the Michigan Green Chemistry Governor’s Award in 2009, and the Fulbright Scholar Award by the U.S. Department of State in 2008. His chaired the AIChE Sustainable Engineering Forum and Process Development Division’s Process Research and Innovation, and ACS Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Subdivision on Green Chemistry, and was President and Chair of the Board of Director of Chinese American Chemical Society. He is Director for the US NSF sponsored Sustainable Manufacturing Advances in Research and Technology (SMART) Coordination Network, which involves 21 domestic and foreign universities and 11 national organizations and centers. Dr. Huang obtained his B.S. degree from Zhejiang University, China, in 1982, M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Kansas State University, USA, in 1988 and 1992, respectively. He joined Wayne State University in 1993, after postdoctoral study at The University of Texas at Austin.

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