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12月28日英国谢尔菲德大学Meihong Wang(王美宏)教授讲座
2016-12-27 10:00  


讲座题目:Process and Energy Systems Engineering: CCUS and beyond …

地 点:西安交通大学化工行政楼106

时 间:2016年12月28日,上午10:00-12:00



应ag亚集团官方网站张早校教授邀请,英国谢尔菲德大学Meihong Wang(王美宏)教授来我院进行学术交流与访问,并为师生们作题为“Process and Energy Systems Engineering: CCUS and beyond …”的学术报告。

Meihong Wang is a Chartered Engineer. He has published over 100 technical papers and industrial reports. One of his publications was awarded SAGE Best Paper Prize 2014 and also Ludwig Mond Prize 2014 by IMechE. Another paper (Wang et al., 2011) is the most cited paper inChemical Engineering Research and Designsince 2010. Since Oct. 2006, Meihong has been involved in 17 research projects worth around £12.9 million from UK Research Councils (EPSRC and NERC), European Union (EU) and Industry as investigators (PI or CI). From Jan. 2014 to Dec. 20117, Meihong coordinates a project funded by EU FP7 Programme on International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES) with 40 research staff from 6 partners (3 from Europe and 3 from China). From Oct. 2014, Meihong leads an EPSRC funded consortium project (worth £1.27 million) applying process intensification for carbon capture using solvents with flue gas from gas-fired CCGT power plants. There are 10 academics, 5 research staff plus 6 Managers from industry involved in this 42-month project.

Meihong became EPSRC Peer Review College Member from Sept. 2012. He is also an academic Member of EPSRC funded UK CCS Research Centre (UKCCSRC), Member of Science Board in EPSRC funded Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (H2FC) SuperGen Hub and Member of the Science Board in the EPSRC funded Energy Storage SuperGen Hub. Since 2006, he has been involved in organising 7 international academic conferences. He hosted 10thEuropean Conference on Coal research and Its Application (ECCRIA 10) at the University of Hull in Sept. 2014. This event attracted 121 delegates from 14 countries to Hull for 3 days. Meihong is currently Guest Editor and Editorial Board member forIMechE Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering,International Journal of Coal Science and Technology.

Meihong currently leads the Process and Energy Systems Engineering Research Group at Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield with 10 researchers (5 post-doctoral researchers, 4 PhD researchers and 1 Visiting Researcher).

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