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2017-05-19 11:10  


报告题目:Tailoring Metal Oxide Redox Properties for Sustainable Energy Conversion

时 间: 2017年05月25日,14:40-16:00

地 点: 西安交通大学化工行政楼106


Unlike conventional fuel conversion processes which oxidize carbonaceous molecules with gaseous oxidants, the chemical looping strategy seeks to intensify fossil fuel conversion processes using lattice oxygen of transition metal oxides. In a typical chemical looping scheme, carbonaceous molecules are oxidized by active lattice oxygen (O2-) in the transition metal oxide, which functions as an oxygen carrier, a.k.a. redox catalyst. In a subsequent step, the O2- deprived oxygen carrier is replenished by a gaseous oxidant. In addition to fossil fuel combustions, tailored redox catalysts can be applied for a variety of applications including selective oxidation, water-splitting, and CO2reduction.

This presentation exemplifies the use of iron and manganese containing mixed oxides for methane partial oxidation, oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH) of ethane, water-splitting, and CO2reduction. A number of redox catalysts composed of iron and/or manganese oxides are synthesized and characterized. Rational strategies to improve the redox activity, product selectivity, and/or water-splitting and CO2 reduction conversions are investigated through the assistance of ab-initio calculation tools and mechanistic investigations. Compared to traditional heterogeneous catalysts, the redox catalysts in the current study show the potential to be more selective. They also possess excellent redox stability. Close to 100% water and CO2 reduction efficiencies are shown to be achievable through rational selection of mixed metal oxides.


Dr. Fanxing Li is an Associate Professor in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at North Carolina State University. Dr. Li received his BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from Tsinghua University in 2001 and 2004, respectively. He received his PhD at the Ohio State University in 2009 under the direction of Prof. Liang-Shih Fan. Dr. Li has published over 50 journal articles and book chapters. He is also an inventor/co-inventor of 12 patents and patent applications. He has won numerous awards including the Best PhD in Particle Technology Award, the U.S. National Science Foundation CAREER Award, SABIC Young Professional Award, the NC State Sigma Xi Faculty Research Award, and was named as a NC State University Faculty Scholar.

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