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2017-06-12 09:18  


报告题目:Materials Corrosion in Nuclear Engineering

时间:2017年06月13日 16:00-17:30



All the nuclear coolants are corrosive, especially for the high temperature nuclear reactor systems. However, the corrosion mechanisms for different coolants can be very different, which depends on the coolant properties. For example, the major mechanism of liquid metal corrosion is physical dissolution, while the major mechanism of molten salt and high temperature water corrosion is an electrochemical process. Due to the different mechanisms, the mitigation/control methodologies for different coolant systems will be different. This seminar will focus on liquid metal and molten salt corrosion, including the corrosion phenomena, major corrosion types and mechanisms as well as the corrosion mitigation methods. The seminar will also address the stress corrosion cracking in high temperature water and discuss corrosion/precipitation in a nuclear coolant system which is a closed loop.

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