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4月21日美国工程院士W.S. Winston Ho 教授学术讲座
2018-04-16 17:16  


讲座名称: New Amine-Based Membranes for CO2Capture


讲座地点: ag亚集团官方网站办公楼106室

讲座人: W.S. Winston Ho 院士,美国俄亥俄州立大学

W. S. Winston Ho (何文寿),美国工程院院士,中央研究院院士,俄亥俄州立大学材料科学与工程ag网站亚游登录和化学与生物分子工程ag网站亚游登录(双聘)教授,拥有50年膜材料及分离过程研发经验,曾任Xerox企业、美国Exxon石油企业研发部、CommodoreSetion Technologies技术副总裁,主编出版《Membrane Handbook》等。主要研究领域包括分子级膜分离材料(反渗透膜、CO2分离膜)、液膜、燃料电池隔膜、水纯化、伴随化学反应的分离以及膜传递现象,拥有50多项美国专利。






2006年获美国化工协会颁发的“Institute Award for Excellence in Industrial Gases Technology”


This presentation covers new advances in amine-containing membranes for CO2capture from flue gas in coal- and/or natural gas-fired power plants and from <1% CO2concentration sources, e.g., the residual flue gas after the primary CO2capture system and coal-mine gas streams. The post-combustion carbon capture from flue gas requires a high CO2/N2selectivity of 140 along with a very high CO2permeance of about 700 GPU (1 GPU = 10-6cm3(STP)/(cm2?s?cmHg)) or higher in order to use a stand-alone membrane process. We have synthesized new membranes, showing a high CO2/N2selectivity of >140 and a high CO2permeance of >1000 GPU. The membrane was scaled up to 14 inches in width using continuous roll-to-roll fabrication. Aided by a material balance equation, three variables, namely the coating-knife gap setting, web speed, and coating solution concentration, were identified as the critical factors to control the membrane selective layer thickness. This resulted in the membrane with a selective layer of <200 nm. The scale-up membrane exhibited similar performance compared to the lab-size membrane. The scale-up membrane was fabricated into spiral-wound membrane modules for testing with simulated flue gas containing about 20% CO2, 77% N2, 3% O2and 1 – 3 ppm, showing similar results as the flat-sheet membrane tested in the lab. Techno-economic analysis has shown that the post-combustion capture process using the membrane is promising for meeting DOE’s capture cost target set for 2025. For carbon capture from <1% CO2concentration sources, we have elucidated the carrier saturation phenomenon. With reducing the CO2concentration in the feed gas, both CO2permeance and CO2/N2selectivity increased. These were mainly due to more available amine carriers for CO2molecular transport at lower CO2concentration conditions. In addition, the stability and scale-up of membrane modules will be discussed.

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