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10月11日俄罗斯科ag网站亚游登录新西伯利亚分院热物理所Oleg A. Kabov 教授讲座
2018-10-08 09:48  

报告人:Oleg A. Kabov 教授



邀请人:魏进家 教授


1.Evaporation, Levitation and Self-Organization of Liquid Microdroplets over Solid and Liquid Surfaces and Contact Line Region

2.Stability and break-up of thin liquid films at localized heating

报告人概况:Oleg A. Kabov graduated from the Tomsk Polytechnic State University, Russia, in 1978 and received the Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Thermophysics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IT) in 1987. In 1999 he received the degree of Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics (habilitation) from the same institute. In 2007 he has been granted the diploma of Professor on thermal physics and thermal fluids science of Russian Academy of Sciences. Since 1987, he has been the Head of Laboratory of Enhancement of Heat Transfer in IT (Novosibirsk). His current research interests include: shear-driven and falling liquid films and rivulets, two-phase flows in microchannels, condensation, evaporative and thermocapillary convection, drop spreading and drop evaporation, contact line, two-phase systems at microgravity and hypergravity. From 1997 till 2012 he was in a research staff of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles and has been managing the "Two-Phase Systems Group" of the Microgravity Research Center of ULB. He was involved as a coordinator and researcher in the several experiments performed under microgravity conditions (Sounding Rockets, International Space Station). Experiments in 10 parabolic flights campaigns of the European Space Agency have been performed. He has authored and coauthored more than 200 papers in referred journals and has 15 patents. He is a member of National Committee on Heat and Mass Transfer of Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2006 he has initiated the permanent yearly International Workshop on Two-Phase Systems for Space and Ground Applications. Since 2013 he is serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal “Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer” published by Begell House.

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