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2018-10-22 11:28  

报告人:弭永利 教授

报告时间:2018.10.29 (星期一)上午 09:30

报告地址:ag亚集团官方网站办公楼 106 会议室

报告题目:Dispensational Transfer in Chemical Research and Education



弭永利教授,男,1984年获中国科技大学理学学士学位,1992年获美国雪城大学化学工程及材料科学系博士学位,现任香港科技大学化学与生物分子工程系教授,粤港澳大湾区化工与先进材料研究院院长,任《国际食品工程》,《计算和纳米理论科学》等期刊编委会成员,特刊主编。包括Nature Materials, JACS, Nano Letters, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Nucleic Acids Res., Chem. Comm.等期刊在内,弭教授已发表了100余篇论文,文章总引用次数达到3300多次。研究领域包括DNA自组装余DNA纳米技术,膜科学,高分子聚合物相容性,单链纳米球状体和玻璃化转变的物理研究以及清洁能源与绿色化工过程等。


Chemical engineering industry has changed and improved our life toward civilization and modernization with better quality and higher efficiency in nearly every way, but with original sin of pollution to the environment almost irreversibly. We, chemical engineers, of this era face challenges and hold responsibility in chemical engineering education, research, and technology transfer. In this talk, I will carry this mentally and introduce our efforts in green chemical processes that can stimulate scholars and students with similar interests and ambition.

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