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2018-10-22 11:28  

报告人:魏迪明 研究员

报告时间:2018.10.29 (星期一)上午 11:00

报告地址:ag亚集团官方网站办公楼 106 会议室

报告题目:The secret ingredient of DNA self-assembly



魏迪明,2002年本科毕业于北京大学生物化学系,获理学学士学位,2009年获得香港科技大学化学与生物分子工程系博士学位, 2010至2014年在哈佛大学维斯研究所做博士后研究,2014年至今被聘为清华大学研究员。从博士研究生至今十多年时间一直从事DNA纳米科技领域的研究,并将致力于将所发展的技术用于解决生命科学的重要问题。相关研究成果已第一或通讯编辑在Nature, JACS, Nano Letters, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Nucleic Acids Res.等期刊上发表。


Through decades of development in DNA nanotechnology, quite a number of ground breaking approaches have emerged to showcase the elegant concept of molecular self-assembly. Each method advanced the field by enabling daring creations. The double crossover motif, the first rigid structural motif, defined how DNA nanostructures were self-assembled with rigid components. DNA origami, whose formation is guided by a long scaffold, revolutionized the field by enabling self-assembly of unprecedented complexity. Single-stranded tiles/bricks, LEGOs at the nanoscale, gave rise to modular constructions of even higher complexity. Out of so many exciting methods, can we identify any secret ingredient? Do we have an omnipotent spell to make every new DNA self-assembly successful? Hopefully some clues can be found in this talk.


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