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2019-03-28 10:00  


Semiconductor Nanomaterials forIntegratedPhoto-electrochemical Energy Conversionand Storage





王连洲,澳大利亚昆士兰大学ag亚集团官方网站终身教授,纳米材料中心主任,澳洲基金委未来学者。主要从事半导体纳米材料的合成及其在清洁能源转化与存储领域包括光催化制氢和新型太阳能电池等的应用,2018年底其团队创造了新型量子点太阳能电池效率的世界记录,认证转换效率达16.6%。先后在诸多国际学术期刊发表论文350余篇,专著章节10部,申请专利14项,论文被引用18000余次,h-index:71,作国际会议大会或邀请学术报告100余次。近年作为主要负责人(Chief Investigator)先后承担或参与了澳大利亚基金委、澳洲科ag网站亚游登录、以及工业界等40余项竞争性研究项目,总金额超过3000万澳元。先后获得澳洲基金委女王伊丽莎白学者称号,昆士兰大学研究优秀奖及优秀研究生导师奖,澳洲寻找未来之星奖,澳洲基金委未来学者称号,入选澳洲基金委工程技术领域专家委员会和英国皇家化学会会士。

Semiconductor nanomaterials hold the key for efficient solar energy conversion and storage systems. In this talk, we will give a brief overview of our recent progresses in designing semiconductor nanomaterials as the important functional components for solar energy conversion application including photoelectrochemical (PEC) solar fuel and solar electricity generation. The new PEC devices not only demonstrated valuable chemicals (such as H2, H2O2, hydrocarbons) production capability, but also achieved a world record Power Conversion Efficiency with a certified PCE of 16.6% in quantum dot based solar cells.1-5 To resolve the intermittent solar energy utilisation challenge, a new type of integrated rechargeable solar batteries, which combine a solar cell with new types of rechargeable Al-ion batteries,6,7 were developed to simultaneously convert solar energy into storable electricity in a single device configuration. The further development of these semiconductor based energy conversion and storage systems underpin important renewable energy utilisation technologies.


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