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“The New inheritor of Western Relocation Spirit” Chen Xin: Innovating in the field of new biomedical materials

Contact person: date: 2018-12-25

In the SCET of Xi'an Jiaotong University, a young teacher is taking his own scientific research in chemical engineering as a tool to open the door in the field of biomedicine. He is the top ten academic newcomer of XJTU - Professor Chen Xin.


Chen Xin studied in the polymer science and engineering major. He realized that basic research must be closed integrated with the needs of the country and society. He hopes to create new chemical materials that can precisely heal a variety of diseases.

Chen Xin is involved in the application of biomimetic polymer composites in medical engineering such as tissue regeneration, disease treatment, and early detection of diseases. He has established a solid cooperative relationship with well-known scholars in the field of biomedical sciences at home and abroad, and jointly devoted research on the application of biomedical materials in the fields of disease treatment and tissue repair.

After hard work and multi-party cooperation, Chen Xin's research team has realized the regeneration of many human tissues and organs such as bones, skin, organs and teeth, as well as malignant tumors, heart diseases and immune defects through the design of new chemical materials. Some of its research results in the field of intelligent bionic engineering materials have passed product testing and laboratory production, and are expected to be applied to the human body.

Professor Chen worked diligently and tried his best to helping students find experimental ideas, make experimental plan, and review their papers. Responsibility for each student is his creed. He insists on discovering the strengths of each student. He hopes to bring more and more students into the door of scientific research and let them shine on the construction of the motherland.

In 2015, Chen Xin joined the SCET of XJTU as a young talent, and embarked on a journey of rooting in the west and dedication. He was encouraged by the atmosphere of mutual help and mutual progress in the college. Chen Xin said that the leaders of the college and the older generation of teachers attach great importance to the training of young teachers, and do everything they can to create opportunities for young people and provide space for development.

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