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The 4th Silk Road Young Scholars Autumn Seminar held at the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology

Contact person: date: 2018-12-25

On September 20th, the 4th Silk Road Young Scholars Autumn Symposium Chemical Institute Forum was held in conference room 106 at the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology. Nine young chemical industry scholars from the United States, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Israel and other countries shared the academic frontier and the development situation of the discipline. Party and government leaders, department heads, teacher representatives and student representatives from the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology attended this forum. Branch Party Secretary Zhang Zaoxiao presided over the forum.


Professor Zhang Zaoxiao introduced the nine young scholars and gave high recognition to their academic background and foundation. Dean Wei Jinjia expressed his warm welcome and sincere gratitude to young scholars for visiting the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and briefly introduced the development of the college. He also said that “As a discipline of school strategy, the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology has received strong support from the school and achieved rapid development. The research platform of cooperation with universities, such as Oxford, Liverpool and Queensland and the establishment of the Silk Road University Alliance Chemical Sub-Link, have provided a good development for this discipline. The convergence effect of young talents has been initially formed. The policies of schools and colleges will be leaned towards the young talents in resource allocation to ensure their rapid development."


Subsequently, nine young talents made a wonderful academic report in the light of their respective fields. The report covered many research directions such as analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, nano metal catalysts, chemical system engineering, biochemicals, and biomedical materials. After each report, the scholars, the teachers and students have conducted heated academic discussions and exchanges.

After the end of the report, Dean Wei Jinjia hosted a symposium in the 504 conference room of the college. The leaders of the college and the representatives of young talents attended the meeting. Professor Wei Jinjia combined with the school youth top talent plan declaration form to explain the various talent policies and reporting points for visiting young scholars, and encouraged the present scholars to use the report form as an opportunity to sort out their own scientific research results. The representatives of the colleges and universities also shared their experiences in talent reporting with their own entry experience, and conducted in-depth exchanges on issues such as working conditions and platform planning that scholars care about. After the meeting, the young scholars and the delegation visited the key laboratory for strengthening the process of energy and chemical processes in Shaanxi Province.

On the evening of the 20th, Zhang Zaoxiao, the secretary of the Party Committee, and Dean Wei Jinjia personally went to the Jianguo Hotel to visit nine young scholars and had a cordial talk with them. They hope that scholars care about and support the development of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University, strengthen contact and extensive publicity. All scholars are welcome to come to Shaanxi for development at any time.

The faculty of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology is young and the structure of the school is reasonable. The participating scholars have highly affirmed the development environment of the college. In the future, the college will continue to do a good job in the introduction of high-level talents, and strive to create an inclusive environment for talent growth, and make due contributions to the school's dual-class construction and innovation port connotation.


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