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The School of Chemical Engineering and Technology Held the 2018 Freshman Opening Ceremony

Contact person: date: 2018-12-25

On the evening of September 14, the 2018 freshman opening ceremony of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology was held. The undergraduate freshmen, graduate students and college staff attended this activity. The opening ceremony was hosted by the director of the office, Cai Yuanhan.


After a short and refined college VCR, the dean Wei Jinjia expressed a warm welcome to the 2018 freshmen on behalf of the college. He then introduced the basic situation of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology from the history, the faculty, the subject profile, the personnel training, scientific research, international exchange and student employment. He showed the development process of the college in the past five years using the data and charts. He also said that “The SCET is a young college and an attractive college. The importance of chemical industry is driving the rapid development of the college. I hope that the students will have a successful academic career and become the talent of the country! ”


Professor Fei Qiang of the teacher's representative shared his academic path with the freshmen on the theme of “My Biochemical Tour”. As a scientific researcher, he gave his experience in terms of goals, persistence, diligence, detail, mentality and love of life. He said that “New starting point, new life, new direction! I am willing to work with you on the road of life and scientific research!”


The old student, Yan Xiaoqing, encourages the new students to find directions in the continuous exploration, encourage everyone to have the spirit, the feelings, the dreams, the goals, the treasure platform, and fall in love with the SCET. Undergraduate freshmen Zhao Minghan and research freshmen Zhang Dan as a new student representatives also used wonderful speeches to encourage everyone to cherish the great youth, inherit and carry forward the excellent study style of Jiaotong University, and strive to realize the dream of the heart.


Li Yun, the vice president, briefly introduced the undergraduate teaching management system of the school and asked everyone to obey the rules. She believes that freshmen enrolled in the SCET will be able to embark on the path of rapid succession under the guidance of excellent team teachers and academic mentors. Vice President Fang Tao answered questions about the 2018 master's degree and doctoral degree from the aspects of admission, training, academic integrity and degree application. In particular, he gave a keynote speech on the veto of scientific research results caused by academic misconduct, emphasizing the importance of scientific ethics and the construction of academic style.


Branch Party Secretary Zhang Zaoxiao concluded that the important position of chemical industry in the national economy provides a good stage for everyone to display their talents. Our undergraduates should think about finding their own learning direction on this stage. Graduate students should work hard under the guidance of their teachers to strive for good results. In the end, he put forward three expectations: First, cultivate the love for our country and school. The second is to develop good habits, observe discipline, and obtain research results through diligent efforts. The third is to cultivate good emotional intelligence, including learning to be tolerant, learning to unite, learning to care, learning to be grateful and responsible, to become a student of the next generation of XJTU in the SCET.

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