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[New Role & New Contribution] The School of Chemical Engineering and Technology Promotes the Construction of Innovation Harbor: Establish School-enterprise Cooperation Platform

Contact person: date: 2018-12-25

Since the construction of China's western science and technology innovation harbor in 2014, the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology has consociated, innovated, and determined to build the chemical sector into the most innovative research and teaching in the Innovation Harbor.

The chemical engineering discipline will establish a chemical engineering and technology research institute with the high standard of innovation under the main administrative leadership of the college.

In order to enhance the scientific and technological innovation ability of the discipline, the Chemical Research Institute has strengthened cooperation with the world's top 500 enterprises. Based on the platform of innovation harbor, college will establish a joint R&D center and research platform, and try to obtain more funding.


As a discipline of school strategy, the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology will inspire and promote the spirit of west relocation, grasp the historical opportunities of development, and contribute all wisdom and strength to building the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor.

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