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Professor Mao Zongqiang from Tsinghua University, a well-known expert in the field of hydrogen energy, visited our institute and made a wonderful academic report.

Contact person: date: 2018-12-25

On July 13, Professor Mao Zongqiang visited the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and gave a wonderful academic reportto our teachers and studentsat the invitation of Professor Zhang Zaoxiao of our school. Prof. Mao is a Professor of the Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University, and he also is the Vice Chairman of the International Hydrogen Energy Society (IAHE). His academic report title is: “Hydrogen Energy – Green Energy in the 21st Century”.

Prof. Mao talked about the great development potential of hydrogen as an emerging clean energy source from the basic nature and characteristics of hydrogen. He explained the research status and trends of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen thermochemistry/electrochemistry application, hydrogen safety and other topics at home and abroad. The landmark achievements in the recent industrialization of hydrogen energy are highlighted. After the meeting, Prof. Mao had a lively exchange and discussion with the teachers and students on the issue of common concern. He particularly reminded everyone to pay attention to the gap between China and developed countries in the level of hydrogen fuel cell technology. He also encouraged young people to catch up in this direction, and contribute to the wisdom and strength of the individual. Prof. Mao's profound knowledge, broad thinking and humorous talks won the applause of the teachers and students present.

After the speech, Prof. Mao visited the Key Laboratory of Enhanced Energy and Chemical Processesin Shaanxi Province, focusing on the research progress of the Institute in the field of hydrogen energy and other renewable energy, and offering personal constructive suggestions on the development of related disciplines, laboratory construction, and external cooperation and so on.

Prof. Mao is a well-known international hydrogen energy expert. He committed to the industrialization of hydrogen energy and international cooperation in recent years. Considering his outstanding contribution, the field authoritative journal "Int. J hydrogen Energy" recently set up his name "Mao Zongqiang Award" to reward the papers published in the journal with the most citations of the year.

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