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Chinese Senior scholar delegation from the United Kingdom visited the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology

Contact person: date: 2018-12-26

On July 9, a group of six Chinese senior scholars from the University College of London visited the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology for academic exchanges and discussions to promote further cooperation. The forum was chaired by Prof. Chen Xin who is the assistant dean of the SCET. Prof. Yang Guidong, Prof. Yi Chunhai, Prof. Wu Zhiqiang, Prof. Zhangqiao, Dr. Wang Lu and student representatives attended this forum.


Prof. Chen Xin first welcomed the visit of a group of six scholars. The two sides made self-introduction and briefly introduced the research direction. They found that it is very suitable for jointing application of international scientific research projects and establishment of long-term scientific research cooperation.

Subsequently, Dr. Liu Yongqiang from the academic group gave an academic report entitled “Aerobic Microbial Granulation-Innovative Technology for Wastewater Treatment”, which greatly benefited the teachers and students present and caused intense exchanges and discussions.

Finally, Prof. Yang Guidong gave a brief introduction to the SCET, the research and the talent introduction policies. The scholars’ group expressed great interest in the follow-up and will conduct in-depth understanding of various aspects, and strive for cooperation in scientific research, talent introduction, personnel training, and international exchanges.

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