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Xi'an Jiaotong University held the fourth press conference on scientific and technological achievements

Contact person: date: 2018-12-26

On the morning of June 29, Xi'an Jiaotong University held the fourth scientific and technological achievements conference at the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology. More than 20 Chinese and Shaanxi media attended the conference, and Ji Mengran, deputy director of the Party Committee Propaganda Department, presided over the meeting. At the press conference, Prof. Chen Xin of SCET introduced the construction of intelligent controlled release materials and its application in biomedical engineering.

Then Lei Bo, a researcher from the Frontier Institute of Science and Technology of Xi'an Jiaotong University, introduced his research - the project of high-activity skeletal muscle repair and regenerative medical materials. After the press conference, various media units went into the chemical laboratory, and Prof. Chen Xin demonstrated the important role of scanning electron microscopy in the research of nanomaterial characterization.

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