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President Wang Shuguo led a team to visit the Shandong Jingbo Co. Ltd. to sign strategic cooperation agreements

Contact person: date: 2018-12-26

From June 7 to 8, 2018, President Wang Shuguo led a team to visit the Shandong Jingbo Co. Ltd.. Mr. Ma Yunsheng who is secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Jingbo Co. Ltd. warmly received President Wang Shuguo and his party. The two sides communicated and signed strategic cooperation agreements on personnel training and school-enterprise cooperation.


Wang Shuguo’s team visited the Jingbo Chemical Research Institute and Jingbo Petrochemical. Chairman Ma Yunsheng briefly introduced the company’s business development status, the corporate culture concept of “industry serving the country and serving the society” and the cooperation between Jingbo and domestic and foreign universities.


Chairman Ma Yunsheng welcomed President Wang’s visit. He said that Xi'an Jiaotong University, as a domestic top university, has strong scientific research strength and talent training experience. He believed that both parties can achieve "school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university win together", and create the most special school-enterprise cooperation platform!

President Wang gave praise on the development achievements of Jingbo Co. Ltd. especially in science and technology and culture. He said Jingbo as a company always harbors the feelings of homeland, righteousness and upward spirit. From the leaders to employees, they always think about and inherit the excellent traditional culture of the nation and carry it forward.


At last, vice President Li Xiaoyue and Director of Jingbo Zhang Chao signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of XJTU and Jingbo Co. Ltd..

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