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Green Chemicals - Charm Strengthening Teachers and students of the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology participated in the 2018 Green Chemical High-end Forum and the First National Chemical Process Intensification Conference of the Chinese Chemi

Contact person: date: 2018-12-26

The 2018 Green Chemical High-end Forum and the First National Chemical Process Intensification Conference of the Chinese Chemical Industry Society were held in Kunming from May 11th to 13th. The conference aims to provide experts and scholars in the field of energy and chemical industry with a platform for exchange of key technologies, cutting-edge technologies and major achievements, and promote the innovative development of “green chemicals and process enhancement”.The conference was co-sponsored by the Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the China Chemical Industry Association, and undertaken by Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Kunming University of Science and Technology.More than 500 domestic and foreign academicians, experts and scholars in the chemical industry including Fei Weiyang, Chen Jianfeng and Zhu Jingxu gathered together to discuss the future development of the chemical industry.The conference organizing committee invited 34 well-known experts and scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, and PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC to focus on “Green Chemicals and Process Strengthening”. "There was a brilliant report of the conference.

14 students and teachers from related fields of the Institute of Chemical Engineering actively participated in the meeting. At the meeting, Dean Wei Jinjia was elected as a member of the Chemical Process Strengthening Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society.

Professor Yang Bolun, the director of the Institute of Chemical Engineering, was invited to deliver the conference report and served as the partial chair.Professor Yang Bolun first introduced the advantages and characteristics of Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Energy and Chemical Process Strengthening to the experts and scholars in the "Energy and Chemical Process Strengthening Based on Reaction Separation Coupling Strategy". He also introduced the research progress of the team on the topic of "reaction process and rectification coupled oil alkylation desulfurization process" and "reaction and reaction coupling synthesis gas" around the theme of "multi-process coupling technology". In addition, Professor Yang Bolun introduced the general situation of Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor and welcomes experts and scholars to guide the work in 2019. The report of the conference caused wide repercussions. After the meeting, the delegates had an in-depth exchange with Professor Yang Bolun on relevant scientific issues and technical strategies.

It is worth mentioning that four first-year undergraduates from the Institute of Chemical Engineering followed the academic tutor Zhou Qiang and the deputy professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Associate Professor Yi Chunhai attend the conference. Several students have said that they have benefited a lot from listening to the reports of well-known scholars. They have experienced the charm of cutting-edge technology such as green chemicals and process enhancement, and have improved their understanding of the chemical industry. They hope to contribute to the development of the chemical industry in the future.

Introduction to the meeting:

Green chemical and chemical process strengthening is the future development direction of the chemical industry, which is of great significance to the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of the traditional chemical industry. The chemical process strengthening is based on modern chemical engineering theory and chemical technology. Through technological innovation and process improvement, the equipment efficiency is improved, the plant layout is more flexible and compact, the energy consumption is lower, and the waste is less. Under the environment and background of “Made in China 2025”, the emerging chemical process technology was nurtured and promoted, and a large number of major scientific and technological achievements have emerged.

The conference focused on environmentally friendly catalysis, comprehensive utilization of resources, supergravity reaction, supergravity separation, rectification strengthening, micro-chemicals, heat transfer enhancement, extraction process strengthening, membrane process strengthening, process safety enhancement, catalytic process strengthening, polymerization process strengthening, reactor (equipment) enhancement, system coupling enhancement, and related topics such as plasma chemical, microwave chemical, ultrasonic chemical and other field synergies.

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