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The School of Chemical Engineering and Technology conducts undergraduate students' visits to Oxford and Cambridge

Contact person: date: 2018-12-26

Recently, the first outstanding undergraduate student “Charming Chemicals – Oxford and Cambridge Visiting” organized and fully funded by the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology was successfully completed. During the period, chemical students visited the four world's top universities, namely Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College and the University of London. During the visit, the students broadened their vision and felt the forefront of chemical technology. They also found their own goals.


At the beginning of the new semester in 2018, the college has organized many well-known professors, outstanding alumni and young talents to interact with freshmen, so that students can understand the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology. At the same time, a number of policies have been formulated to attract students' major choices, such as establishing a personal ability growth file for each student, providing academic tutors, and implementing a one-on-one three-year personalized training. The college will award exclusive scholarships to students who selected our school after the freshman year, and give priority to international exchange opportunities. This visit is an attempt by the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology to take the initiative to attract outstanding students.

When this visit finished, the students took the initiative to undertake the work of “Chemical Propaganda Ambassador”, held a sharing meeting in the college, shared the learning with the students, introduced their chemical disciplines from the perspective of peers, and showed the chemical charm. Let more and more students know about chemicals and like chemicals.


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