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The Party Committee of the SCET Organized an Educational Training Course on “The Right Path of Youth Intellectuals”

Contact person: date: 2018-12-25

From September 22nd to 23rd, The Party Committee of the SCET organized a two-day education training course on the theme of “the right path for the growth of youth intellectuals”, the party members of the “Chemical Engineering” and “Chemical Machinery” branches and some representatives of non-party teachers went to the revolutionary holy land Yan'an and Liangjiahe to relive the historical memory of the patriotic dedication and hard work of the ancestors.


First of all, they went to the Liangjiahe that was the place Xi Jinping spend 7 years when he was young. After that, they visited the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall to relive the pledge of joining the party, enhance the awareness of party members, and strengthen their determination to fight for communism.


Subsequently, they visited the Yangjialing and Zaoyuan Revolutionary sites where the major leaders fought in the past. On the afternoon of the 23rd, they boarded the Baota Mountain which is a symbol of Yan'an. This mountain experienced the vicissitudes of life and the baptism of war. It witnessed the revolutionary achievements of the Party Central Committee in Yan'an with Chairman Mao as the core.


Through this visit and study, everyone is more deeply aware of the hard work and selfless dedication of the revolutionary ancestors. In the future work, we must inherit and carry forward the spirit of Yan'an and contribute strength and wisdom to the development of schools and colleges.

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