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Academician of the Australian Academy of Sciences Professor Justin Gooding and Taishan Scholar Professor Liu Jingquan visited the SCET and gave wonderful academic reports.

Contact person: date: 2018-12-26

On the morning of April 28th, Prof. Justin Gooding and Prof. Liu Jingquan visited the SCET and gave wonderful academic reports. Prof. Justin Gooding is academician of the Australian Academy of Sciences, renowned scholar in the field of analytical chemistry and nanomaterials, and one of the world's top 100 outstanding analytical chemists. Prof. Liu is Taishan Scholar, a professor at Qingdao University and a president of the Graphene Research Institute of Qingdao University.


Prof. Justin Gooding graduated from Oxford University and Cambridge University. He was the Vice President of the International Electrochemical Society and Chairman of the Royal Australian Institute of Electrochemistry. He is currently a scholar of the Australian Research Council and a co-director of the Australian Nanomedical Center and editor of the International Academic Journal of the American Chemical Society. Prof. Justin Gooding focuses on Nano biosensors, biomedical materials, and functional electrochemical materials. He has published more than 400 papers in top international academic journals such as Nature Immunology, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, AM, and JACS. His speech was entitled “Cell based diagnostic devices to explore therapeutic action”.


Prof. Liu Jingquan gave a report titled "Preparation, Industrialization of Graphene-Related Nanomaterials and Its Applications in New Energy, Catalysis and Sensing". His research areas mainly include the preparation, application and industrialization of graphene, RAFT polymerization and the modification of biomolecules (proteins, enzymes, etc.), the preparation of new energy materials and their applications in the fields of supercapacitors and catalysis, chemistry, Assembly of biosensors.

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