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SCET held a series of reports on the "Silk Road" Energy and Chemical Academic Forum

Contact person: date: 2018-12-26

On October 20, 22 and 23,at the invitation of Prof. Qiu Jieshan , Prof. Zhang Hua from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Prof. Zhang Jin from Peking University, Prof. Yu Shuhong from the University of Science and Technology of China, and Prof. Paul S. Weiss, Editor-in-Chief of ACS Nano gave some reports at SCET.

Prof. Zhang Hua made a report entitledCrystal Phase-Controlled Synthesis of Novel Noble Metal Nanomaterials. He introduced the research results in the design and synthesis of ultra-thin two-dimensional nanomaterials.


Prof. Zhang Hua made a report

After that, Prof. Zhang Jin, Prof. Yu Shuhong, and Prof. Paul Weiss made reports entitled "Chirality-Predicted Growth of Horizontal Carbon Nanotubes Array with Designed Catalysts", "Biomimetic Synthesis, Assembly and Application of Inorganic Materials", and "Nanotechnology Approaches to Biological Heterogeneity and Cellular Therapies", respectively.


Prof. Zhang Jin made a report


Prof. Yu Shuhong made a report


Prof. Paul S. Weiss reports

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