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La Touche / Jean Queinnec


In addition to the websites, we built an iOS and Android mobile application to reunite the two schools Lycée La Touche and Lycée Jean Queinnec. The main goal of this was to allow the schools to communicate with their students and students' parents easily. Thus, people with the app will receive push notifications from the schools. And the schools generate these push notifications simply by tweeting with a specific hashtag. Isn't it just brilliantly simple?

The app also fetches all the news for each website, gives short details about the training courses and all the important infos - phone number, address etc...



  • Design
  • Development


  • Lycée La Touche - Ploërmel
  • Lycée Jean Queinnec - Malestroit


  • Tablet / Mobile


  • Ionic

  • Meteor

  • React JS
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